Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion 2012


Cherubin Christening Gown
(3 Days Intermediate- Advanced)
*Knowledge of basic FMS techniques (pulling threads to gather lace, lace shaping, French seams) required
Hand embroidery limited to bullions, French knots, lazy daisies, stem stitch, and granites

Into the making of baby’s clothes goes all the love, all the devotion, all the inexpressible yearning which for generations has symbolized motherhood. What mother or "grandma to be" could resist making this elegant, scalloped T yoke christening gown for that much awaited bundle of joy! Corded pin stitched lace positioned using Debbie’s newest fusible thread technique embellishes everything from the fancy pin tucked insertion trimmed bands and shaped embroidered yoke to the elaborate hemline on this angelic confection. Gathered French lace edging on the tiny puffed sleeves and neck is attached with a corded hemstitch, this entredeux replacement saves time, but more importantly keeps the neckline lace standing at attention. Add Debbie’s pin stitched baby placket and other "finishing secrets" used to make baby garments that are just as beautiful inside as out and you’ll still have lots of sewing time to work on this special heirloom treasure for newest angel in your life.

Debbie Glenn Advanced Fine Machine School
Join Debbie for 4 days of advanced machine magic and learn some of her unique techniques for recreating handwork by machine. Class time concentrates primarily on mastery of these new techniques. Students make reference samples prior to beginning garment construction. Confidence gained making samples leads to successful completion of class projects as well as the incorporation of the new techniques into future projects.

(2 Days- Advanced)

Simple classic lines give this Italian-inspired dress a nostalgic feel reminiscent of more innocent days of childhoods past.
The dress will be made from baby chino cotton with a sweet pastel pink print. “Nicoletta” is a sweet A-line, princess seam toddler dress with a unique inverted front box pleat, featuring shaped edges, collar and cuffs embellished with contrast trim and gimp-work padded satin stitch floral embroidery.
Students may choose to work the high relief embroidery completely by machine or use the gimp padding as a base for hand stitches. As one might expect, the inside is beautiful too! The dress will be finished with the tiniest pin stitched French seams and include a beautiful back placket and a lace faced hem. This big sister dress pattern will be available in size 3.

(2 Days- Advanced)

The name “Katrina” means “dear little one” in Italian, and this adorable little dress certainly lives up to its name.
Special features include a Peter Pan collar and shaped yoke overlay sprinkled with hand stitched posies trimmed in candy pink bias gingham and gathered French lace. The sweetest little puffy pockets and sleeves are accented with loops of lace and trimmed bias rouleau with tiny cord bows. The dress also features a quick and easy serpentine pin stitch hem. A pin stitch placket and gingham-trimmed back yoke overlay are completed with a tiny turn-cord bow, making your last glance at this dear little dress as delighted as your first. This little sister dress pattern will be available in sizes 9-12 months.